Blockchain careers are on the rise

Being a blockchain developer nowadays is more profitable, as the job market in this field is rapidly expanding.

Rapid growth in the popularity of crypto market has opened up new opportunities in the labor market. New vacancies have appeared with highly paid positions for specialists in various fields. We can now note the rapid development of the ecosystem of blockchain careers.

Unsurprisingly, the highest demand in the blockchain industry is for developers. Those who can build dapps and work in solidity, Ethereum’s smart contract programming language, are especially sought-after. Programmers can try their luck in developing blockchain applications. They have a strong incentive: the average salary of a blockchain developer is more than $15 000 a year higher than the average developer’s salary.

Another advantage is the ability to work remotely. Blockchain is all about decentralization, and for many companies that ethos extends to having a decentralized team. Remote work is not only a possible but sometimes even a desirable option for many companies.

The blockchain is already huge, and it will only continue to grow. The blockchain ecosystem has many advantages, and it will only continue to grow. In addition to the normal work you have another opportunity to make money — join our crypto lotto to make ETH with your luck!

Blockchain enthusiast developer and writer. I love video games, blockchain and the hot symbiosis of these two worlds.