Blockchain firm releases new Galaxy smartphones with built in crypto wallets

Samsung has released three special-edition Galaxy smartphone in conjunction with WeMade Tree, the blockchain arm of South Korean gaming giant WeMade.

Samsung has released three versions of Galaxy smartphone in a special lineup in cooperation with WeMade Tree, blockchain arm of South Korean gaming giant WeMade.

The devices are customised versions of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra with one difference — built-in Wemix cryptocurrency wallet. The most expensive version of all three phones costs $1329.

The smartphone announcement is part of the Wemix platform, which has already partnered with Kakao, internet firm Naver and Chinese gaming company Longtu. The devices will be produced in cooperation with SK and have an application called Scope will be built into Galaxy. It is a kind of blockchain explorer, where you can see the history of transactions and usage statistics of cryptocurrency developed by Wemix.

So far, Wemix tokens are not yet traded on major crypto exchanges. The creators of the platform noted that every smartphone buyer will receive “maximum” of 2400 Wemix tokens as a gift.

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