FAQ: If I close the tab, how do I know the result of the game I made a bet in?

You can do this as follows:

  1. Log into Metamask.

2. Select the Mainnet network and the account from which you’ve made a bet.

3. Click on the “View on Etherscan” button next to the transaction with your bet.

4. On the Etherscan website click on the block number in the description of your transaction.

5. If at least one of the last six symbols of the hash block matches your bet, you win!

6. To find out how much you have won, enter your Ethereum wallet address in the search bar on the start page of Etherscan.io and click on the “InternalTxs” tab.



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Jeffrey Hancock

Blockchain enthusiast developer and writer. I love video games, blockchain and the hot symbiosis of these two worlds.