Powerball is the largest lottery in the United States. It has drawings twice a week allowing players to win at least $20 million. The Powerball lottery holds the record for the largest lottery jackpot ever. In 2016 $1.586 billion was awarded to three winning tickets. There is no doubt that this game of chance has become a number one tool for everyone who has a tempting dream to get rich quick.

Sadly, the odds of winning Powerball are so small, that you are most likely to be struck by a lightning than to buy the winning ticket. Let’s do the math. To win the jackpot one needs to guess all six numbers in one draw. The lottery is made up of white and red balls. Player has to pick numbers from 1 to 69 for five white balls and one number from 1 to 26 for one red ball. The odds of choosing the winning combination (six out of six numbers) are 1 in 200 million! So, is there any way to get at least a little bit bigger chance to win?

National lotteries have a really big pool of players. In the case of Powerbal,l you are competing against millions of Americans who are also willing to win the biggest prize. You can try your luck with blockchain lotteries like Ethex.bet to get significantly more chances to win. Sure, Ethex provides much smaller jackpot than Powerball, but here you have a much higher win rate than in a traditional lottery.

Besides that, Ethex is provably fair lottery so you don’t have to worry about the transparency of your bets. Every player can track their lottery results with Ethereum blockchain explorer (Etherscan, for example). After a successful draw, the winner receives his prize almost immediately and without any taxes!

Imagine actually winning a huge pile of money… and dumping them away. In the history of another American lottery, MegaMillion was one lottery ticket worth nearly $300 000. Its owner forgot to double-check his numbers, but they could give him a big jackpot.

Ethereum lottery is fully automized — you place your bet, guess some numbers and if winning receive your prize in a matter of seconds. The Ethex smart contract double-checks all entries by itself. Again, if you have doubts about the transparency of this process, feel free to check smart contracts code at Etherscan.

It is widely known that most people pick their favorite numbers in the lottery draw. Don’t pay attention to a few lucky winners, because the most popular numbers usually fail to win the prize. Instead of choosing numbers you could try to pick the random combination. Although this strategy doesn’t give you a higher chance to win, it can spice up your player experience.

Remember, your chances to win the jackpot (which is currently higher than 15 ETH) are much higher at Ethex.bet than at any traditional lottery. Just with a minimum bet of 0.02 ETH you can win up to 15.54 ETH as a jackpot! Start with smaller bets if you are too afraid to lose your money.

A Romanian-Australian economist Stefan Mandel is one of the most successful players in the history of all lotteries. Mandel managed to win different draws 14 times and made a big fortune out of it. He had a lot of tricky schemes, which made him rich, but the most popular strategy he applied was a simple lottery pool.

Mandel encouraged many investors that weren’t afraid to pay money for his risky ideas. By raising the money, he was able to purchase a lot of lottery tickets and thereby getting a little bit higher chance to win.

You can also form your own Ethereum lottery pool to play Ethex with your friends. Invite them at Ethex.bet to place your bets together!

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