Huawei explores new methods in blockchain adoption

Huawei has filed for multiple patents related to blockchain technology storage methods and devices, according to local media outlets.

Huawei, a company specializing in information and communication technologies, is actively working on the implementation of blockchain technology. More recently, the company has applied for a new patent focusing on storage devices and methods.

The company has also recently concluded a partnership agreement with the Government of Nanshan District in Shenzhen City to build the industrial and environmental chain of Kunpeng. The Kunpeng ecosystem will enable the use of open source hardware and software, which is responsible for ensuring high security in the digital economy.

The People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute (PBoC) has also secured the support of a giant telecom. Ifei Fan, deputy manager of PBoC, signed a research cooperation agreement between Huawei and the People’s Bank of China Research Institute. The partnership became a reality soon after PBoC tested its digital currency in Shenzhen as part of the cooperation with Huawei.

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