More female users are joining crypto industry nowadays

A new study released by CoinMarketCap revealed an increasing growth among female crypto users in Europe and North America.

Analysts of CoinMarketCap have published a new report, according to which the number of female cryptocurrency users in Europe and America is increasing. In the first quarter of 2020 the number of women in the crypto world increased by 43.24%. By comparison, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the growth was 15.5 percent.

The number of crypto users aged 18–24 increased by 65 percent, with 50 percent more women in the North America and Europe. And in some countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America, the number of young women users increased by almost 80%.

In terms of overall growth rates for women, Argentina led the way in Latin America with a 98.23% increase in the number of women crypto enthusiasts, followed by Colombia with 82.03% and Venezuela with 80.23%.

Among European countries, Greece stands out the most, with a record 163.67 per cent growth. It is followed by Romania with 125.09 %, Portugal with 89.95 %, Ukraine with 86.68 % and Czech Republic with 85.6 %. Of Asian countries, Indonesia stands out the most, with an 88.92 per cent increase in the number of female crypto investors.

Africa’s growth rate remains low, with the first quarter generating only a 17.99% increase in the number of users.

There also has been a significant decline in the growth rate of crypto users from China in the first quarter of 2020. From January 14 to 25, the country fell from 13th to 24th place. This is attributed to the coronavirus pandemic and censorship by the Chinese authorities.

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