Sports betting and adrenaline: dangerous mix for every gambler

Sports betting is one of the best ways to get an amazing adrenaline rush easily. You don’t even need to get off the couch to have a fun time with your favourite basketball team. It is known that having a bet on the outcome can make a game far more exciting. Plus, betting online could serve you as an additional source of income. If you will win, of course.

In the betting world, different types of playstyle have their own terminology. For example, a sharp is referred to someone who made sports-betting practices his stable source of income. It is a professional gambler with a strategy and a clear head. A square is the opposite — casual bettor, who plays for fun and “easy profit”. Squares have no abilities to stay profitable in the long run, in part because of their adrenaline rush.

How to control your emotions in sports betting?

Generally speaking, a successful bettor must always “fade the public” when placing his bets. This means a professional considers the outcome, that is opposite to what the public is thinking. If one team is more popular than another there’s no guarantee that it will win with 100% chance.

You can find various tools online to study and analyze sports team performance on a long enough timeline. Again, when it comes to analysis, a bettor should always be guided by logic, statistics and facts. In reality, many novice bettors often forget about their common sense and give in to their emotions.

Bookmakers learned how to capitalize on the adrenaline rush of their clients. They set a margin and odds to receive profit from their operations. For example, the odds of basketball team A to win a game is 2.50. But bettor would receive just two times more money if he placed a bet on team A, because 0.50 is margin which comes back to the bookmaker.

A lot of bookmakers do a really, really good job at playing with human emotions. When the public is hammering the heavy favourite and most popular team bookmakers take this as an advantage and set high odds precisely at that team. As a result, casual bettors give up their hate and put money where bookmaker wants it to be.

The race for adrenaline

There are certain risks which can’t be neglected when it comes to sports betting. First of all, gambling and betting are very addictive habits. At the heart of this addiction — human hormones delivered to the bloodstream in case of a dangerous situation. It is a danger when your favourite team is losing. Especially when you put all your savings on it.

Besides that, there are different types of bets which encourage bettor to play against himself. The in-running bets are the ones placed during the effective unfolding of the event. The classical bets are placed only before the game start. The proposition bets are referred to winner/tie selection when the match ends.

Bookmakers keep their clients on the adrenaline needle. The best way to get rid of your addiction is simply stopping placing bets. But it is not easy, right? Well, there is a great alternative — fair crypto lottery.

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