The 4th largest city of South Korea spends millions of dollars to stimulate blockchain adoption

South Korea’s city Daegu has big plans for a blockchain adoption — city’s officials promise to spend millions of dollars on educational programs about blockchain.

The 4th largest South Korea’s city launches a new program to stimulate blockchain and AI adoption.

Daegu, South Korea’s fourth-largest city, has promised to spend about $6 million to train new AI and blockchain experts, Up Korea reports. The city government said the move will help address “a serious shortage of labor with Industry 4.0 skills”. Daegu said he will provide a series of free courses on blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data over the next two or three years, with full-time, evening and weekend courses.

South Korea’s telecommunications giant KT said it will accept the new national driver’s license on a blockchain as proof of identity for individuals signing mobile and Wi-Fi contracts, according to Sky eDaily. The driver’s license, placed in the PASS smartphone app, is the brainchild of the National Police. Other customers include convenience stores such as GS25, which already allow customers to use the PASS app as proof of age for alcohol and tobacco purchases.

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