The number of crypto ATMs is growing steadily every day

Startups have taken note of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, seizing the opportunity to position themselves in the market and Crypto ATM manufacturers are expanding more than ever.

In 2013, Robocoin installed the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in the Vancouver coffee shop. Seven years later, the number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world is steadily approaching the 12 000 mark. Last year alone, there were 80% fewer, just 6372 machines. Now their number has exceeded 11 665.

According to CoinATMRadar, the number of new crypto ATMs is increasing by around 23 machines every day. This is another clear sign of growing adoption of Bitcoin around the world. The fastest increase is in the United States, where the largest number of machines are located. Over 5000 new Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in the USA in one year.

There is also a growing diversity of the spread of crypto ATMs within the United States, with locations in small shops, shopping centres, transportation hubs, and even one in the Tesla Gigafactory. Genesis Coin remains the largest manufacturer of crypto ATMs, with General Bytes in second place.

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