The Polish City of Olsztyn adopts Ethereum blockchain to upgrade its emergency services

Jeffrey Hancock
2 min readDec 3, 2020

Olsztyn, Poland is using SmartKey built on Ethereum to streamline emergency services.

Description: Olsztyn, the polish city, is using SmartKey built on Ethereum to streamline emergency services, offering yet another tangible use case for distributed ledger technology.

The Polish city of Olsztyn has announced that it will launch emergency services using the SmartKey connection platform. Olsztyn became the first city in the world to use the blockchain to reduce the response time of emergency services and potentially save lives.

The SmartKey connects the Ethereum smart contract with a smart device and the Teltonika application so that the rescue team can perform tasks efficiently. This enables rescuers to enter city buildings safely without having to track key holders or wait for permission from firefighters, ambulances or police.

Gustaw Marek Brzezin, the marshall of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship in which Olsztyn is located, issued the following statement:

“The need for our rescue services to perform their duties without obstruction is a delicate one. The use of blockchain and SmartKey technology seems to be like the perfect solution, giving reassurance to building owners and residents, but also freedom for our emergency services”.

The ultimate goal of smart keys is to help a smart city of the future by connecting multiple data sources to transmission, utilities and infrastructure through a publicly accessible blockchain.

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