The Ukrainian Government launches Web Show about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Jeffrey Hancock
1 min readDec 2, 2020

The Ukrainian government aims to educate its citizens on blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency.

Description: The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation released a web series with the aim to get the citizens educated about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC).

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and Binance, the crypto exchange, presented an educational show about the Blockchain and cryptocurrency as part of the Diya project.

The show consists of eight episodes with a duration of 6–12 minutes. In the series experts tell the history of digital assets and answer the most popular questions about them. After successful completion of the basic course, viewers of the show will receive a certificate.

Director of Binance in Ukraine Gleb Kostarev:

“We are confident that in the near future cryptocurrencies will enter the life of every person. Knowledge and information obtained from market leaders will help to significantly reduce barriers to the start of using digital assets in everyday life.”

The series was developed with support from Binance, Hacken and Crystal Blockchain. The first episode, “Where Cryptocurrencies Came from”, is already available on the Diya platform website.

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