UNICEF donates crypto to startups in emerging markets

UNICEF will give cryptocurrency to several more startups in emerging markets.

The UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund reported in an official press release on investments in eight companies in the technology sector of emerging economies. The Cryptofund hopes that its financial support will enable these startups to continue working on innovative technologies that will help to address both local and global challenges.

Eight companies from seven countries will receive a cash injection of 125 ETH. These are the startups Afinidata (Guatemala), Avyantra (India), Cireha (Argentina), Ideasis (Turkey), OS City (Mexico), StaTwig (India), Somleng (Cambodia) and Utopic (Chile). The investment will help them develop prototypes, launch pilot projects or develop existing technologies in the next six months.

The field of activity of these companies covers such important areas as education, health care, therapeutic work with children with speech disorders or phobias, distance learning, as well as tracking food supplies to people living in poverty. In particular, UNICEF highlighted that many of the company’s developments include measures aimed at addressing the impact of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions.

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