What tricks are used by online casinos to lure players?

We answer the age old question: what scams and rigged actions are taken by online casinos against players. The results may well surprise you.

Just 10 years ago, the reliability of online casinos was in doubt. For this reason, many have chosen the real casinos. Today the situation has changed radically. Online casinos guarantee players 100% safety, reliability and quality of games. But, are virtual casinos so reliable? According to statistics, every tenth online casino cheats its players. How is that possible? It’s very simple: cheating in the realms of online gambling is a very complex “science”. Today we will try to figure out how to not get cheated by gambling sites.

How casinos attract players?

The most important task of casino is to attract visitors and make them play. For this purpose, different tricks are used. The main point — to prove to the potential player that there is really a chance to win.

This is where advertising plays a major role. Each Internet user probably seen numerous Internet ads with smiling girl or young man who is proud to talk about his luck by showing packs of dollar bills. It usually followed by a motto “Here you can really win” or “I earned my first million here” or something like this.

Some online casinos post information about the winners, who became overnight millionaires. Earning easy money is a dream of many. Fast opportunity to get rich attracts more and more people.

The logic is simple: if someone succeeds in this, then why not try it. And this kind of lure is designed mainly for non-rich categories of people. How else can a student or mom make money on maternity leave, if not through an online casino? Especially since the promised income ceiling is seemingly limitless and the risk is minimal.

Another opportunity to attract more gamblers in the game — give the opportunity to play with bonus money. So the person sort of feels the excitement about virtual prize.

Casinos use several options for this method:

  • free game session;
  • bonuses on registration;
  • bonuses on depositing the account.

Letting you play for free is ideal. Who wouldn’t agree to play for free? But there is one nuance: your reward will not be yours. Almost always withdrawal of bonus prize is limited so player needs to deposit his own money and make a few bets. These bets will be lost.

Crediting bonuses also attracts more customers. You can train with virtual money, but you can not withdraw the winnings. As a rule, everything comes for the mandatory number of bets or rounds. Until a certain point the player will be unspeakably lucky, and then — a total failure.

The most common tricks of virtual casinos

Life doesn’t stand still, and there’s plenty of fraudulent schemes. Knowing the tricks of con artists, it’s easier to avoid online fraud. Let’s talk about the most common methods.

System error

It’s an old way, but it’s still working. Everything is simple: through e-mail spam someone says that he knows some vulnerability in the work of online casino. Thanks to this the gambling site can be tricked and ripped off the jackpot.

Next, the user receives a certain scheme or instruction as to how he should act. The purpose of scammers is simple: to force a person to register on the site, deposit his money and start to gamble. It is clear that you can not beat the casino.

The secret method

This way of cheating is similar to the previous one. Only it’s not a mistake, it’s a technique that can be used to win.

There are many options: from mathematical analysis, to playing with newcomers (supposedly the casino gives them the opportunity to win at the initial stage). Often, these shenanigans can be found on quite decent sites for employment and earnings. And at first, the user will not even know what we are talking about.

Then again, there will be instructions to follow. Further options are possible. The simplest one is that the user opens an account, deposits his or her money there and successfully loses by “secret” methods.

Another way — the player has already created an account, and he is not even gambling. But you can withdraw your earned money only by paying a commission fee. Naturally, having paid a commission, a person will not get anything.

Partner work

In this case the user is offered a mutually beneficial partnership. Once again, some tricky scheme is connected to the case, with which you can win. At the start everything looks fair: the “partner” replenishes the account on an equal basis with the player.

For the latter, it’s a guarantee that he won’t be cheated. The motivation of the “benefactor” is simple: it is easier to work in a team or you need a new IP address.

Then the user starts to play, sometimes very successfully. But the conclusion comes when it is necessary to withdraw the winnings. The account is empty or absent at all. Bottom line: the money is lost.

The game of doubling

This scheme has many names: Martingale, double strike, etc. It is used not only in casinos, but also, for example, in bookmaker’s offices or even on the exchange.

When losing, you have to double the amount on the same field or action, the team. Logically, it turns out that sooner or later the bet will play, and the player will win back the lost and will be with a plus.

But this is only in theory. In reality, the situation is slightly different. Even in real roulette croupier is able to throw the ball in a certain place many times in a row. In online casinos to make this even easier. And the higher the bet amount, the less likely it will be possible to get back.

Random Number Generators

The appearance of certain reel symbols on the reels, roulette numbers or cards depends on combinations which are generated by the so-called random number generator (RNG). It is a mathematical algorithm which simulates randomness. As a sequence of numerical combinations is calculated by the algorithm, its result cannot be accidental by definition. Therefore it is more correct to call it the pseudo random number generator.

No one can guarantee you that your online slot machine has proper RNG that can create randomness. That is why blockchain casinos and crypto lotteries have gained an enormous amount of popularity in the last years. They can achieve true randomness thanks to blockchain technology properties.

For example, let’s look at our fair crypto lotto Ethex.bet. It instantly rewards players with ETH when they are able to guess the symbols of the next Ethereum block. These symbols are random and no one in the world can predict what they are will be. In addition to it Ethex.bet reward system based on Ethereum smart contracts — computer protocols intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties.

Blockchain enthusiast developer and writer. I love video games, blockchain and the hot symbiosis of these two worlds.

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