You can become an ETH 2.0 validator with any amount of coins thanks to staking services

What’s new in Ethereum 2.0? Let’s review some concepts of the future network.

The crypto community had high hopes for a third halving of Bitcoin, which some experts believe should’ve raised the price of the cryptocurrency above $10 000. But it didn’t happen. Immediately after this event BTC rolled back and now is trying to recover in price. Crypto enthusiasts are confident that the next major event that will affect the entire market will be the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 platform and an updated token.

Launching the second-generation Ethereum platform will actually increase the bandwidth of the blockchain dozens of times and will be able to pass thousands of transactions per second. In addition, corporations are thinking about implementing the Proof-of-Stake protocol, which will allow tokens to participate in the stacking program and allow walkers to make money on altoin.

But there is a threshold — one needs 32 ETH to become ETH validator in the new system. Luckily, we have another option — decentralized staking pools or even centralized staking at regular crypto exchanges.

The fact that developers themselves do not know what the new platform will be, intrigues the market and increases interest in the event. As it was said before, it is the hipping and increasing public attention to a particular coin that stimulates its price. Since interest in halving this year was lower than in previous years, the event went almost unnoticed and Bitcoin itself even lost value, disappointing most of the community. It is not yet clear whether the ETH 2.0 platform will become significant for the market. But one thing is clear: interest in her is already on the rise.

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